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Hydro Halo Water Ring 9 Inch (2 Pack)

Hydro Halo Water Ring 9 Inch (2 Pack)

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Optimize Irrigation with Hydro Halo Water Rings: The Ultimate Solution for Uniform Watering and Eliminating Dry Spots

Achieve Perfectly Even Watering Every Time

Introducing Hydro Halo Water Rings—the foolproof way to ensure your plants get evenly hydrated, while getting rid of dry patches in your growing medium. With its ingenious design featuring 54 strategically-placed pores, this water ring promises thorough and consistent irrigation throughout your containers.

Convenient and Versatile Design

The Hydro Halo comes with three removable stakes to secure the rings around each plant. You also have the flexibility to use it stake-free. Its innovative 1-inch gap allows for placement around mature plants without causing any harm. The 1/2” inlet design saves you from the tangles and mess commonly associated with 1/4” drip lines.

Robust and Long-Lasting

Constructed to withstand the elements, Hydro Halo Water Rings are UV-resistant and built for durability. Choose from three versatile sizes—6", 9", and 12"—with each pack containing two rings.

Innovative Horseshoe Design

Our Hydro Halo Horseshoe Water Rings come with an open end for hassle-free fitting and feature three legs for added stability, guaranteeing uniform saturation of your growing medium.

Why Choose Hydro Halo Water Rings?

  • Efficient Irrigation: Uniformly spaced pores ensure complete saturation of your growing medium.
  • Flexible Usage: Comes with removable stakes, but can also be used without them.
  • No-Mess Design: The 1/2” inlet eradicates the messiness and tangling of 1/4" drip lines.
  • UV-Resistant & Durable: Built to last, thanks to its heavy-duty, UV-resistant materials.
  • Multiple Size Options: Choose from 6", 9", or 12" sizes to fit your specific needs.

Upgrade your irrigation system to Hydro Halo Water Rings and experience seamless, effective, and even watering. Ideal for growers who prioritize efficiency and reliability.

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