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Aptus Base

Aptus Base

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Introducing Aptus Base: The One-Stop, Mineral-Based Liquid Fertilizer for All Growing Mediums

Unlock complete plant nutrition from vegetative growth to fruiting and flowering with Aptus Base – your all-in-one, 100% mineral-based liquid fertilizer. Engineered to be fully compatible with a broad range of growing mediums and hydroponic systems, this is the go-to nutrient solution for cultivators who seek efficiency without compromise.

Simplify Your Fertilization Routine

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple fertilizer bottles. Aptus Base offers a comprehensive 1-part formula that serves both the grow and bloom phases of your plants' life cycle, making it an incredibly versatile choice.

User-Friendly with Superior Mineral Stability

With Aptus Base, fertilization becomes a breeze. Its easy-to-use formula features low dilution ratios and remains stable across a wide pH range. To use, simply dilute at a rate of 1 ml per liter, up to a maximum of 2 ml per liter, catering to growers of all experience levels and cultivation techniques.

Why Choose Aptus Base?

Opting for Aptus Base means investing in an efficient, high-quality solution for plant nutrition that will benefit your garden in every growth stage. Ideal for novice and expert growers alike, this product simplifies the fertilization process without sacrificing quality.

Switch to Aptus Base today for streamlined plant nutrition that supports robust growth and bountiful blooms. Experience the efficiency and quality of our one-part, mineral-based liquid fertilizer, and elevate your growing game.

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