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Aptus Breakout Powder

Aptus Breakout Powder

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Unlock Higher Yields with Breakout Powder: Your Go-To Flower Enhancer

Unlock the full potential of your blooms with Aptus Breakout Powder, the ultimate flower-setting and bulking solution designed for growers seeking exceptional results. Comprising a potent, high-quality blend of water-soluble phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur, Breakout Powder is designed to maximize yields and enhance taste profiles—whether you're a hobbyist or a commercial cultivator.

Unmatched Features:

Precision Without Guesswork

Breakout Powder comes in pre-measured 100g sachets, simplifying the application process and eliminating the need for scales or additional measuring devices. Choose between half-strength (50g per 100L) or full-strength (100g per 100L) applications based on your needs.

Low-Cost, High-Impact

Offering an unbeatable dilution ratio of up to 100g per 100 liters, Breakout Powder serves as a budget-friendly yet highly effective source of phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur—crucial elements for the latter stages of your bloom cycle.

Enhanced Colors and Flavors

Rich in sulfur, Breakout Powder adds a robust layer of depth to your plant's color and flavor profiles, especially during the maturation phase.

Key Nutritional Components:

  • Phosphorus: Vital for crop quality and photosynthetic energy.
  • Potassium: Regulates plant water content and CO2 absorption, and is crucial for the production of photosynthetic energy.
  • Sulfur: Essential for plant protein formation and specific oil production in certain plants.

Tips for Optimal Results:

  • Prioritize adding and mixing other Aptus products in your reservoir before introducing Breakout Powder.
  • For peak performance, apply Breakout Powder during the final three weeks of your flowering or feeding schedule.
  • Initiate with 50g per 100L in the first week and ramp up to 100g per 100L for the subsequent two weeks.
  • Avoid using Breakout Powder in conjunction with PeakBoost and/or FinaleBoost.
  • Always monitor your EC levels post-application, adjusting with fresh water as needed.

Turn the final three weeks of your bloom phase into a productive, yield-boosting period with Aptus Breakout Powder. Get yours today and elevate your growing game.

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