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Aptus Finaleboost

Aptus Finaleboost

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Achieve Bountiful, Firm Fruits with FinaleBoost: The Ultimate Maturation Enhancer

Elevate your crop quality and yield with FinaleBoost, the superior organo-mineral maturation and finishing formula. Tailored to provide crucial nutrients like natural potassium and sulfur during the closing stages of the blooming phase, FinaleBoost enhances your plants' production of sugars and amino acids, ensuring robust, high-quality fruits.

Why FinaleBoost is a Cut Above the Rest:

Targeted Nutrient Application

Unlike standard P/K boosters, FinaleBoost allows for precise potassium delivery right when your plants require it most. This ensures optimal nutrient absorption and mitigates issues such as chemical binding and nutrient lockout.

Organic L-Amino Acids

FinaleBoost's formula includes chelated organic L-amino acids, buffering potassium and protecting it from adverse mineral interactions, thereby minimizing nutrient antagonism.

100% Water-Soluble and Residue-Free

Fully water-soluble, FinaleBoost is ideal for any irrigation system, leaving no residues and maintaining a clean nutrient environment.

Key Ingredients:

  • Organic L-amino acids for nitrogen (N)
  • Natural potassium (K)
  • Essential sulfur (S)

How to Use FinaleBoost:

For impactful results, incorporate FinaleBoost into your nutrient regimen during the fifth to eighth weeks of the flowering stage. Its 100% water-soluble nature ensures seamless integration into your existing feeding program. Customize your nutrient schedule using the Aptus Nutrient Calculator for personalized guidance.

As an alternative, FinaleBoost can also be applied as a foliar spray for immediate leaf fertilization. During the last 3-4 weeks of flowering, consider increasing the dosage to maximize yield and fruit firmness.

Transform your blooms into bountiful, high-quality fruits with FinaleBoost—the maturation booster designed for serious gardeners looking for serious results. Upgrade your nutrient program today.

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