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Aptus Hydro Starter Kit

Aptus Hydro Starter Kit

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Introducing the Aptus Starter Kit, a comprehensive package featuring a 1L Base, 100ml Fasilitor, 100ml StartBoost, 100ml BloomBoost, 100ml PeakBoost, 250ml MassBoost, 250ml Ecozen, and 250ml FinaleBoost. Additionally, the kit includes a USB containing all of Aptus' in-house feed schedules for various substrate types, as well as a $50 Aptus discount card.

The Aptus Starter Kit is specifically designed for beginners and first-time Aptus users, catering to a wide range of substrate types. The included USB features feeding programs for coco, coco/perlite blends, pure perlite, clay balls, and soil, ensuring a tailored approach to your preferred growing medium.

Choose the Aptus Starter Kit for an all-inclusive solution that simplifies your growing process, providing essential nutrients and guidance for optimal plant development in any substrate. Take advantage of the $50 Aptus discount card included in the kit and embark on your journey towards a thriving and successful harvest.

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