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Aptus MassBoost

Aptus MassBoost

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Meet MassBoost: Your Go-To Organo-Mineral Booster for Plant Vitality and Yield

Unlock your plants' full potential with MassBoost, an advanced organo-mineral solution designed to prevent Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) deficiencies while driving robust fruit and floral development. Featuring highly bioavailable, chelated forms of these crucial minerals combined with L-amino acids, MassBoost ensures seamless nutrient absorption and minimal interaction with other minerals in your growing medium.

Why MassBoost is Essential for Your Garden:

Optimized Nutrient Blend

MassBoost synergizes organic Nitrogen, Calcium, and Magnesium with L-amino acids, driving accelerated growth and enhanced structural development.

High Bioavailability and No Residue

MassBoost's unique formula is 100% water-soluble and ensures efficient nutrient uptake without any residual buildup.

Fortified Flowers and Fruits

Experience superior fruit and flower firmness, thanks to MassBoost's ideal balance of vital nutrients.

Comprehensive Deficiency Coverage

Incorporating MassBoost in your nutrient regimen ensures that Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies are a concern of the past.

Application Guidelines:

For robust root absorption, apply MassBoost to your nutrient feed or utilize it as a foliar spray for quick leaf assimilation. Especially effective in soilless mediums like coco coir and with reverse osmosis (RO) water, MassBoost might require higher dosage in these situations. To maximize efficacy, blend FaSilitor into the foliar mix first, followed by MassBoost, adjusting pH levels to approximately 5.8.

Key Components:

  • Organic Nitrogen from L-amino acids
  • Calcium (Ca)
  • Magnesium (Mg)

Important Considerations:

  • When utilizing MassBoost, be cautious with young plants to avoid tip burn and stress due to nitrates. In such cases, use a CaMg supplement devoid of nitrates.
  • Take care to add only one phosphorus supplement at a time to your mix to avoid forming unabsorbable calcium-phosphate compounds.

Nutritional Analysis:

  • 5% Nitrate Nitrogen (K03)
  • 7% Calcium (Ca) Calcium Nitrate
  • 1% Magnesium (Mg) Magnesium Nitrate

Boost your plants' performance with MassBoost—the organo-mineral booster that brings growth, strength, and yield to new heights. Use the Aptus Nutrient Calculator for personalized feeding recommendations tailored to your garden's specific needs.

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