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Aptus Organic Starter Kit | for Soil / Terra / Coco

Aptus Organic Starter Kit | for Soil / Terra / Coco

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Introducing the Soil Starter Kit, a fully organic starter kit specifically tailored for growers working with soil-based cultivation. This user-friendly and cost-effective package not only streamlines your growing process, but also guarantees a clean, natural taste for your crops.

The Soil Starter Kit comes complete with everything you need for a successful grow: a 400g BaseBoost for essential time-release nutrition, a 100ml Fasilitor to enhance nutrient absorption and strengthen plants, a 100ml StartBoost for stimulating early root and vegetative growth, and a 100ml BloomBoost for maximizing flowering and fruiting potential. Additionally, the kit includes a USB containing all of Aptus' expert in-house feed schedules, ensuring you have the guidance you need to achieve the best results.

Choose the Soil Starter Kit for a comprehensive and organic approach to soil-based cultivation that offers outstanding value, simplicity, and efficiency. Benefit from the meticulously selected components that work together to optimize plant growth and development, and savor the pure, untainted taste of your crop. With the Soil Starter Kit, you'll have all the tools necessar

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