Aptus PeakBoost

Size: 250ml
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Unlock Bioavailable Phosphorus with PeakBoost: Your Go-To Blooming Enhancer

Elevate your plant's blooming potential and nutrient efficiency with PeakBoost, the organo-mineral phosphorus booster by Aptus. Specially engineered to enhance the blooming process, PeakBoost stimulates the production of essential proteins, plant hormones, and vitamins. By chelating phosphorus with organic L-amino acids, PeakBoost ensures optimal nutrient absorption, reducing the risk of nutrient antagonism and phosphorus lockout.

Why Choose PeakBoost for Your Garden:

Targeted Phosphorus Supply

PeakBoost provides focused phosphorus application exactly when your plants need it, bypassing the common issue of nutrient lockout often seen with combined P/K boosters.

pH Balancing Organic Acids

PeakBoost comes with built-in organic acids, effortlessly balancing your nutrient mixture's pH without additional pH-down solutions.

No Residue, Pure Efficiency

100% water-soluble, PeakBoost dissolves seamlessly, leaving zero residues in your nutrient reservoirs and irrigation systems.

How to Apply PeakBoost:

For maximum impact, integrate PeakBoost into your feeding regimen from the second to the sixth week of your plant's flowering stage. Add it to your nutrient reservoir during each feeding cycle. To optimize nutrient absorption, make sure to mix one calcium supplement into the solution before adding PeakBoost, mitigating the risk of forming calcium-phosphate bonds that can make nutrients unavailable to the plant.

Take your blooms to the next level with PeakBoost—the precise and efficient phosphorus booster that enhances both flower quality and nutrient efficiency. Optimize your garden's nutrient regimen today for noticeable results.

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