Canna Coco A&B

Size: 2x 1L
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Unlock Explosive Growth with CANNA Coco A & B – The Premier Nutrient Solution for Coco Substrate Gardens

Elevate your coco substrate gardening to professional levels with CANNA Coco A & B, the nutrient solution meticulously formulated for both the vegetative and flowering stages of your plants. Designed for seamless use, CANNA Coco dissolves instantly, making it compatible with all watering systems—be it run-to-waste, flood, or ebb and flow systems.

Why CANNA Coco A & B Stands Out:

  1. Two-Part Nutrient Solution: Specifically designed as a two-part formula (A & B) to prevent nutrient lockout, allowing for optimal absorption by the plants.

  2. Rich Ingredient Profile: Packed with natural chelates, humic and fulvic acids, and other essential minerals that ensure maximum nutrient uptake.

  3. Designed for Coco Substrates: Tailored specifically for the unique properties of coco substrate, CANNA Coco is the result of extensive research into potting mixes, drainage, and plant nutrition.

  4. Versatile Application: Ideal for all watering systems, providing the flexibility you need for any type of grow set-up.

Instructions for Use: Add part A of the nutrient to your water reservoir first, followed by part B, to prevent elements from clogging and to ensure optimal nutrient absorption by the plants.

Used and trusted by growers worldwide, CANNA Coco A & B sets the gold standard for coco substrate nutrient solutions. Experience remarkable growth and vibrant flowering by choosing CANNA Coco A & B for your garden.

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