Canna Classic Flores A&B

Size: 1L
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CANNA Classic Flores is a professional nutrient that's perfect for the flowering phase of plants. Specifically designed for growing in inert run-to-waste systems, Classic Flores provides a complete and balanced composition of nutrients that are crucial during the flowering phase.

One of the main advantages of CANNA Classic Flores is that it takes into account the increased need for potassium and phosphorus during the flowering phase, while requiring less nitrogen. The formula is also rich in chelated trace elements that are easily absorbed by plants, resulting in an exuberant bloom.

CANNA Classic Flores comes in two parts - an A part and a B part - for a reason. When combined, some of the elements in each part can clog together. To avoid this, it's best to add the A component first and then the B component.

CANNA Classic is especially ideal for growers using run-to-waste systems, where substrates are inert and don't add or take nutrient elements from the nutrient solution. With CANNA Classic, growers have optimum control over the nutrients their plants receive, allowing for better absorption and higher yields. It requires more know-how than other growing methods, but adjustments can be made immediately to prevent any issues.

CANNA Classic Flores doesn't contain any damaging ballast substances, which can negatively impact plant development. With CANNA Classic Flores, you can grow with precision and achieve excellent results.

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