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Flairform GreenDream 2 Bloom A&B

Flairform GreenDream 2 Bloom A&B

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Unlock Prolific Blooms with Flairform GreenDream 2 Bloom A&B: Your Two-Part Nutrient Marvel for Flowering Stages

Step up your flowering game with Flairform GreenDream 2 Bloom A&B—your go-to nutrient solution for awe-inspiring yields and vibrant blooms. This special two-part formulation is engineered to nurture your plants during their crucial flowering phase, propelling them towards their peak potential.

Precision-Balanced Nutrient Profile

GreenDream 2 Bloom A&B boasts a meticulously calibrated nutrient ratio. This ensures not only the maximization of flower development but also the minimization of nutrient deficiencies. With the inclusion of chelated trace elements, your plants are guaranteed to absorb all the essential micronutrients they need for unmatched growth and yields.

User-Friendly & Versatile

Ease-of-use is at the heart of GreenDream 2 Bloom A&B. The two components are designed to synergize effortlessly, taking the guesswork out of nutrient measurement and mixing. What's more, it's a versatile solution compatible with all hydroponic systems, as well as soil and coco coir mediums.

Experience the transformation from mediocre to magnificent harvests with Flairform GreenDream 2 Bloom A&B.

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