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House & Garden Top Booster

House & Garden Top Booster

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Optimize Your Flowering Process with House & Garden Top Booster: The Ultimate Bloom Enhancer

Unlock the full potential of your plants with House & Garden Top Booster, the premier flowering stimulant engineered for peak performance. Designed for seamless integration with House & Garden base nutrients, this potent bloom booster offers unparalleled results when used correctly.

Ideal Mixing Ratios for Optimal Outcomes

For maximum efficacy, mix Top Booster at a rate of 1 ml per litre of water, or if you're working in gallons, that equates to 4 ml per gallon. These precise ratios are engineered to provide your plants with the nutrients they need, without the risk of overfeeding.

Importance of pH Balancing

Achieving the best results requires more than just adding Top Booster to your feeding regimen. Make sure to adjust the pH of your nutrient solution to an ideal range of 5.8 to 6.2 to ensure optimal nutrient absorption.

Complement with Bud XL for Enhanced Results

For an even more potent flowering process, we highly recommend combining Top Booster with House & Garden Bud XL. This dynamic duo synergizes perfectly to boost your yield to new heights.

Timely Application for Maximum Yields

For best results, apply Top Booster 4 weeks before harvest, maintaining the application for a period of 3-4 days. This will kick-start your plants' late bloom cycle, enlarging flower size and shortening the flowering duration for maximum yield.

Incorporate House & Garden Top Booster into your grow routine today and experience unprecedented increases in yield and flower quality.

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