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Isopropyl Alcohol - IPA Isopropanol 100% 5L

Isopropyl Alcohol - IPA Isopropanol 100% 5L

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Discover the Multifunctional Power of 100% Technical Grade Isopropyl Alcohol

Looking for an all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing solution? Our Isopropyl Alcohol is 100% Technical Grade, ensuring rapid evaporation and quick drying. It's a go-to for a variety of applications—be it household, beauty, industrial, or gardening uses.

Household and Cleaning Uses:

  • All-Purpose Cleaner: Ideal for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
  • Residue Remover: Easily lifts sticky grime.
  • Tech-Safe Cleaner: Perfect for computer screens, phones, and iPads.
  • Window and Glass Cleaner: Leaves no streaks.
  • Ink and Stain Remover: Effective on ink and tough stains.
  • Pipe Cleaner: Removes old tobacco residues from inside pipes.
  • Wood and Upholstery Cleaner: A mild mixture for delicate surfaces.
  • Permanent Marker Eraser: Erases stubborn marks.

Beauty and Personal Care:

  • Makeup Brush Sanitizer: Keep your brushes germ-free.
  • Makeup Fixer: Repairs broken powder and eyeshadow.
  • Hand Sanitizer: DIY recipe for personal care.

Industrial & Artistic Applications:

  • Paint Removal: Takes paint off various surfaces.
  • 3D Printer Cleaner: Removes residue build-up.
  • Artistic Medium: Ideal for watercolors and ink painting.

Gardening Applications:

  • Pest Control: Effective against mealybugs and fruit flies.
  • Plant Sanitizer: Use it for cleaning silk plants and flowers.
  • Fungus Control: Suitable for mushroom cultivation.

The Importance of Isopropyl Alcohol Percentages:

  • 90-100%: Ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Below 70%: Softer on skin and effective for pest control in gardens.

Which Isopropyl Alcohol Should You Choose?

Whether it's 100%, 99%, or 70%, each grade serves its unique purpose. Your specific application will determine which percentage is right for you.

Safety Precautions:

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For external use only.
  • Seek medical attention if ingested.
  • Flammable—keep away from open flames.
  • Stop use if skin irritation occurs.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for general guidance. Individual applications may vary. Exercise caution and always test a small area first.

Boost your cleaning and sanitizing game with our versatile Isopropyl Alcohol. Order now for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient environment!

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