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Ozenaid Ozone Water Conditioning Unit

Ozenaid Ozone Water Conditioning Unit

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Revolutionize Your Water Quality with the Ozenaid Water Conditioning Unit

Discover the Ozenaid Water Conditioning Unit, your ultimate solution for pristine, oxygen-rich water. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of OZONE (O3), this advanced unit effectively purifies and oxygenates water, eradicating odors, discoloration, and algae in garden ponds, rainwater tanks, and aquariums.

Ozone—A Trusted Name in Water Treatment

Ozone has been a cornerstone in municipal water treatment since the early 1900s and offers unparalleled effectiveness. In fact, it's 2000 times more effective than chlorine, but without the chemical residues. OZONE (O3) naturally reverts to oxygen (O2) after purification, leaving your water clean and free from any harmful chemical residues.

User-Friendly Design and Installation

Equipped with an intuitive digital timer and LCD display, the Ozenaid Water Conditioning Unit is a breeze to set up. Simply connect the unit to your water tank and a power source to start the ozone generation process.

Easy-to-Follow Installation Steps:

  1. Connect to Water Tank
  2. Plug in the Ozenaid Water Conditioning Unit
  3. Attach to a Power Source

The unit utilizes an 'air stone' diffuser to channel OZONE gas into the water, transforming it into oxygen-rich ozone bubbles that purify without the introduction of harmful chemicals.

Key Specifications:

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 18W
  • Ozone Density (DO3): 500 mg/h
  • Max Continuous ON Time: 40 min
  • Max Continuous OFF Time: 360 min
  • IP Rating: IP64 / 150:0001

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Your investment is secure, as the Ozenaid Water Conditioning Unit comes with a 12-month replacement warranty.

Elevate your water quality with the Ozenaid Water Conditioning Unit. Experience unparalleled purification and oxygenation today!

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