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Ryset Bird Nesting Box

Ryset Bird Nesting Box

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Ryset Small Bird Nesting Box: A Cozy Roosting Pocket Nest for Your Feathered Friends

Provide a safe and comfortable shelter for small birds with the Ryset Small Bird Nesting Box. Crafted from hand-woven reed grass, this roosting pocket nest is designed to offer natural ventilation and drainage while being resistant to premature decay. Sized at 11cm x 20cm with a 5-6cm hole, it is perfect for small birds that seek refuge from harsh weather conditions, as well as a place for nesting.

Features and Benefits

  • Natural material construction: Made from pure hand-woven reed grass, giving the birdhouse a unique and eco-friendly touch.
  • Durable and resistant to decay: Built to last and endure various weather conditions, ensuring prolonged usability.
  • Natural ventilation and drainage: The reed grass material provides good airflow and prevents water accumulation.
  • Blends with surroundings: The natural materials help keep birds camouflaged from predators.
  • Perfect size for small birds: Measuring 11cm x 20cm with a 5-6cm hole, it creates a cozy environment for small birds to nest and shelter in.
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