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Ryset Insect Hotel Hexagon Bamboo

Ryset Insect Hotel Hexagon Bamboo

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Ryset Hexagon Bamboo Insect Hotel: A Haven for Native Bees and Insects

Provide a sanctuary for pollinators and other beneficial insects with our Ryset Hexagon Bamboo Insect Hotel, an eco-friendly addition to your garden. This unique and versatile insect hotel is designed to emulate a natural habitat, ensuring your garden thrives with a diverse array of bees and insects. With its hexagon shape and bamboo-filled chambers, the insect hotel is perfect for small gardens or can be paired with multiple insect hotels to create an impressive honeycomb effect.

Features and Benefits

  • Variety of Bamboo Tubes: Catering to a wide range of native bees and insects, the insect hotel is filled with various sized bamboo tubes, offering an ideal nesting and sheltering space for beneficial insects.
  • Untreated Wood & Bamboo: Constructed from untreated wood and bamboo, ensuring a safe and chemical-free environment for the bees and insects to inhabit.
  • Honeycomb Effect: Its unique hexagon shape allows multiple insect hotels to be pieced together, creating a stunning honeycomb design for a visually appealing garden addition.
  • Ready to Hang: Conveniently pre-assembled and ready to hang, simply locate the desired position in your garden, attach the insect hotel and invite beneficial insects to settle in and start pollinating.
  • Dimensions: Ideally sized for efficient space utilisation, the insect hotel measures Height 15cm x Width 18cm x Depth 8.5cm, making it the perfect addition to your garden no matter the size.
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