Ryset Insect Hotel Hexagon Wood

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Enhance Your Garden with the Ryset Hexagon Wood Insect Hotel

Attract a diverse array of beneficial insects to your garden with the stylish and eco-friendly Ryset Hexagon Wood Insect Hotel. Designed to accommodate a variety of native bees and insects, this insect hotel features numerous timber lengths, offering a range of sizes for nesting opportunities. Crafted from sustainably sourced, untreated wood, this insect hotel is suitable for small spaces or can be combined with multiple units for a striking honeycomb display. With a ready-to-hang design, this hexagon insect hotel measures 15cm in height, 18cm in width, and 8.5cm in depth.

Features and Benefits

  • Attracts native bees and insects: With various timber lengths and sizes, the insect hotel accommodates diverse beneficial insects to improve your garden ecosystem.
  • Sustainable materials: Constructed from untreated, sustainably sourced wood, ensuring an eco-friendly addition to your garden environment.
  • Versatile design: Suitable for small spaces or combined with multiple units for an eye-catching honeycomb effect that provides a larger habitat for insects.
  • Easy installation: Ready-to-hang design allows for simple setup in your garden or outdoor space.
  • Dimensions: Measures 15cm x 18cm x 8.5cm, making it an ideal size for various insects without taking up too much space.

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