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Sylvania Gro-Lux F36W T8 Fluorescent Light 1200MM

Sylvania Gro-Lux F36W T8 Fluorescent Light 1200MM

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Illuminate Your Indoor Garden and Aquariums with the Energy-Efficient Sylvania Gro-Lux T8 Fluorescent Light 18W G13 600mm

Looking for a lighting solution that enhances plant growth and beautifies your aquarium? The Sylvania Gro-Lux T8 Fluorescent Light is designed to meet your needs. Emitting an optimal balance of blue and red wavelengths, this light not only promotes vigorous plant growth but also enriches the natural hues of aquatic plants and fish. Ideal for freshwater aquariums, greenhouses, and indoor gardens, this is the go-to light source for your horticulture and aquaculture needs.

Energy-Efficient and Long-Lasting

Operational at 18W and 57V, this light is an energy-efficient choice that doesn't compromise on performance. With an impressive lifespan of 10,000 hours, you can count on it for the long term.

Easy Installation and User-Friendly Design

Featuring a G13 tube base and T8 bulb type, installation is a breeze. Its opal finish diffuses light effectively, making it pleasant for the eyes. Plus, it comes with a broad 360-degree beam angle for maximum light distribution.

Customizable and Versatile

This Sylvania Gro-Lux light is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the lighting conditions to suit your specific needs. Its specialized Gro-Lux light color is engineered to encourage plant growth, making it a versatile choice for various indoor growing applications. With dimensions of 600 x 26 x 26mm, it fits seamlessly into most settings.

Invest in the Sylvania Gro-Lux T8 Fluorescent Light 18W G13 600mm for a reliable, efficient, and customizable lighting solution that boosts both plant growth and aquatic beauty.

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