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Anarchy Nutrients

Anarchy Nutrients BUDZ

Anarchy Nutrients BUDZ

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Budz promotes more flowering sites with denser development and heavy blooms.

Budz does not contain Phosphorous and is more microbe-friendly than most PK bloom additives.

The pure 32 % Potassium solution is ideal for creating more bud burst and should be used during the last 3 weeks of budding to harden and swell flowers during the later demanding stages of bloom.

Budz is specially formulated to leave no harsh residues and produce a clean, heavy harvest without harsh chemicals or heavy metals.

  • Aids in key nutrient mobility and sugar production
  • More flowering sites with heavier blooms
  • Increases Trichrome and Terpene production
  • Larger bud calyx production for harder flowers
  • More colour at harvest
  • No harsh residuals at harvest. A smoother clean finish
    Directions for Use: Hydro/Coco/Soil: 0.5ml-1ml/1L water in flower cycle
    See our Feed Charts for precise directions.
    0-0-32 Potassium(K) 32% Potassium Citrate
    This product is 100% ORGANIC
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