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Blumat Maxi Carrot

Blumat Maxi Carrot

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Experience the ease of precise irrigation with our Blumat Maxi Sensor. This advanced sensor is designed to maintain optimal moisture levels in larger planters, with a total length of 23 cm and an effective insertion depth of 15-18 cm. It's the perfect solution for containers over 30 cm in height, as well as for deep-set plants in troughs on your patio or rooftop garden. Not to mention its exceptional utility for individual garden shrubs.

The Blumat Maxi Sensor ensures that the deeper soil layers, where the roots reside, receive consistent moisture monitoring and adjustment. This results in less frequent but more thorough watering sessions, promoting healthier plant growth while keeping the soil surface dryer to prevent over-watering. Elevate your gardening with this essential tool for a lusher, more vibrant garden.

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