Collection: Blumat

Welcome to our Blumat collection, offering simple yet innovative solutions for all your gardening needs. Blumat systems simplify watering in gardens, living soils and hydroponics, promoting sustainable and efficient plant care. Embrace ease and efficiency in gardening with Blumat's eco-friendly technologies.

The Blumat watering system

The Blumat watering system is a testament to our commitment to "Grow More, Spend Less". This ingenious solution automates your watering needs, ensuring your plants receive the perfect amount of water without waste. 

Ideal for gardens, living soils and hydroponics, Blumat systems take the guesswork out of watering, allowing you to enjoy lush, healthy plants with minimal effort. It's an eco-friendly choice that aligns perfectly with our vision of sustainable gardening, offering peace of mind and efficiency in one package.

Why choose Blumat?

Blumat systems are designed to work harmoniously with the natural needs of your plants, promoting healthy growth without excess. 

Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, Blumat offers a straightforward, eco-conscious solution to watering that saves time, conserves water and supports your green thumb ambitions.

The Blumat watering system stands at the forefront of our efforts to promote sustainable and efficient plant care. With Blumat's technology, we make gardening a breeze, focusing on eco-friendly practices that nurture your plants to thrive.

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At Green Genius, our mission is to lead the revolution in the supply of growing essentials, with a keen focus on organic and digestible plant cultivation. 

As we’re based in Brisbane, Queensland, we're deeply committed to environmental stewardship, advocating for practices that benefit your garden and the planet. Venture into our new shop in Sumner and meet the heart and soul of Green Genius. Our team, led by Horticulture Manager Noah and Shop Manager Brooke, embodies our ethos of sustainability and excellence in client service. 

Whether you're looking to streamline your gardening routine, reduce your environmental impact or simply grow more with less, we're here to support you every step of the way. Shop our Blumat products today and embrace a smarter, greener way of gardening. For more information on our offerings, feel free to contact us.