SeaHawk Grow Tent

Size: 75cm x 60cm x 50cm
Sale price$140.00


Optimize your indoor growing experience with the Sea Hawk Smart Grow Tent, the all-in-one solution that combines top-tier features without breaking the bank. Crafted from 100% light-proof ADF reflective material, this grow tent ensures maximum light utilization for your plants.

The unique "diamond-like" texture of the ADF material not only disperses light in a multi-directional pattern but also aids in effective heat distribution, making it an ideal environment for your plants to thrive. Perfect for those looking for a cost-effective yet high-quality grow tent, the Sea Hawk Smart Grow Tent provides exceptional value.

Note: Images are for illustrative purposes only; actual product may differ. This package includes the grow tent only; accessories such as grow lights, LEDs, fans, filters, and rags are not included.

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