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Anarchy Nutrients

Anarchy Nutrients KLONZE

Anarchy Nutrients KLONZE

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KLONZE Rooting/ Cutting Gel 100% Organic 

  •   The first 100% Organic propagating gel
  •   For the propagation of stem cuttings
  •   A unique blend of Willow Bark, Aloe Vera, anti-microbial agents, vitamins and minerals

HORMONES  – Contains Willow  Bark Extract a 100% Organic and stable version of the naturally occurring Auxins. Non toxic to plants and instrumental in the initiation and active promotion of root development.

ANTI-FUNGAL AGENTS – Effectively guard delicate cuttings against fungal and microbial infection and disease.

VITAMINS – Guard against and minimise the inevitable stress for plants associated with propagation and transplant shock.

Directions for Use: Hydro/Coco/Soil:

Cut clone on a 45 degree angle

Then dip clone into Klonze for 5 seconds then plant as normal 

Klonze can be also used to soak medium at 1 ml per litre of water prior to planting your clone

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