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Anarchy Nutrients

Anarchy Nutrients PK 0-15-30

Anarchy Nutrients PK 0-15-30

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Anarchy PK is the most super concentrated effective PK bud boost on the market today derived from potassium, phosphite and bio stimulates.

Up to 25% more yield guaranteed.

The most effective bio-stimulants on the market combined into one powerful PK
booster. These premium phosphites have been proven to boost yield and quality.
No other PK on the market contains phosphite technology. Anarchy PK will increase yield, bud size and hardness

  • Phosphorus and Potassium for increase bud size and density
  • Has correct Ratio of 2 : 1 potassium to Phosphorus
  • Phosphite technology for weight and trichomes, oil production
  • Bio stimulates and bio actives; these stimulate positive growth responses in the crop, including delayed senescence, branching, resistance to environmental stresses, and activation of plant defence to resist pests and pathogens.

Directions for Use: Hydro/Coco/Soil: 0.25ml-1ml/1L water.
See our Feed Charts for precise directions.
Phosphorus 15% 

Potassium 30%  

All Trace Minerals

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