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Anarchy Nutrients

Anarchy Nutrients ROOTS

Anarchy Nutrients ROOTS

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ROOTS 0.5-0-1.6

Roots is a powerful root stimulator This powerful root stimulator ensures the explosive growth of the roots, rids the plants of brown roots, root diseases and provides an excellent rhizosphere (root environment) in the soil or coco medium. Roots creates a film around the roots, which functions as a kind of membrane. It keeps harmful diseases and germs out of the root zone but allows the absorption of nutrients. Roots also isolates the germs and prevents them from pythium. Roots root enhances your growing experience by delivering a powerful blend of premium plant extracts, amino acids, and nutrients generating explosive root growth.

Using Roots stimulates prolific root branching and development of fine root hairs that increase nutrient uptake and grow healthier, whiter roots. Roots will make your plants explode! Roots can be used for all plants in prepared soil/soilless mixes, coco blends and hydroponics.

.The most powerful root Stimulant on the market

  • Accelerated protein synthesis improves various plant functions
  • Improved fruit formation by providing key amino energy
  • Reduces plant stress with available plant based organic acids
  • Provides key signals to multiple biosynthesis pathways improving plant efficiency
  • Product focuses heavily on root development and overall plant health
  • Added kelp helps improve drought tolerance and root development for high yield crops
    Directions for Use: Hydro/Coco/Soil: 0.5ml/1L water in grow
    See our Feed Charts for precise directions
    ANALYSIS 0.5-0-1.6 Nitrogen 0.5% Potassium 0.6% Seaweed
, Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid
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