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Anarchy Nutrients

Anarchy Nutrients WHITE RHINO

Anarchy Nutrients WHITE RHINO

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White Rhino is a complete balance of mycorrhizae blend including trichoderma, endomycorrhiza, ectomycorrhiza, and beneficial bacteria with amino acids and vitamins.

White Rhino is all natural and helps create an optimal environment for the plants roots to thrive whilst helping to protect the root zone.

  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Massive root growth
  • Disease protection
  • Whiter, healthier roots
    100% ORGANIC




Beneficial Bacteria

22 Amino Acids

8 Vitamins

4 Trichoderma

Direction for Use:

Clones: Mix 1gm/1L, Soak medium. Dip cutting into Klonze, then into White Rhino, plant as usual in your preferred medium.

Soil/ Coco/ Top Feeding/ Mix 1gm/8L water. Feed once a week

Hydroponics recirculating/ Run to Waste/ Mix 1gm/8L into reservoir

Mixing with Soil/ Coco/ Mix 20gm/50L soil or coco when planting or re-planting

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