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Aptus Fasilitor

Aptus Fasilitor

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Introducing Fasilitor by Aptus: Your Go-To Silica Solution for Unbeatable Plant Strength and Resilience

Discover the transformative power of Fasilitor, Aptus' premium silica solution designed for superior plant fortification. Engineered for fast action against both biotic and abiotic stressors, like pests and adverse environmental conditions, Fasilitor is unlike any silica product you've encountered before.

Key Benefits of Fasilitor:

Robust Cell Walls & Tissue

Fasilitor’s concentrated formula features plant-available potassium silicate, ensuring rapid nutrient mobility to crucial plant areas, such as cell walls and tissues. The result? Thicker, stronger stems and branches.

Effective Against Stress Factors

Whether it's pests or environmental issues, Fasilitor's unique formulation gives your plants a quick and powerful defense mechanism.

Enriched with Boron and Molybdenum

Boron is critical for cell formation, energy transfer, and flower setting, while molybdenum plays an indispensable role in enzymatic processes. Together, they enrich your plant's tissues, facilitating the conversion of nitrates into amino acids, and more.

How to Use Fasilitor:

Add Fasilitor to your plant’s nutrient regimen throughout all growth stages for maximum efficacy. Utilize the Aptus Nutrient Calculator to fine-tune your feeding schedule, ensuring your plants reach their full potential.

Choose Fasilitor for a fortified, resilient garden that thrives under any condition. Opt for strength, choose Fasilitor by Aptus.

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