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Aqua One

Aqua One Maxi Powerhead 102 - 500L/Hr

Aqua One Maxi Powerhead 102 - 500L/Hr

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Elevate Your Aquarium and Hydroponic Systems with Aqua One Maxi 102 Powerhead Water Pumps! Renowned in the aquarium, fishkeeping, and horticulture industries, Aqua One delivers water equipment you can count on. Boasting a high flow rate of 500 litres per hour and a 1.05-meter head, the Maxi 102 pump offers robust water circulation, making it a prime choice not only for aquatic environments but also for hydroponic and aquaponic gardens.

Why Choose Aqua One Maxi 102:

  • Versatility at Its Best: 100% submersible, these pumps are designed for optimal performance in both aquariums and hydroponic setups.
  • Energy-Smart: With a low power consumption of just 8 watts, you get efficient operation without the hefty energy bills.
  • Serene yet Powerful: Enjoy the benefits of strong water circulation while maintaining a tranquil environment, thanks to its quiet operation.

Key Product Features:

  • Outlet Dimensions: Adaptable 9+13mm outlet ensures efficient water flow for various setups.
  • Customizable Flow Control: Tailor the pump's performance to your unique needs with its variable flow control feature.
  • Extended AU Power Cord: Comes with a 1.8-meter AU power cord for greater flexibility in placement.
  • Electrical Specs: Compatible with 240V/50Hz power systems, designed for Australian homes and gardens.

Opt for Aqua One Maxi 102 Powerhead Water Pumps for reliable, energy-efficient, and quiet water circulation. Whether you're a fish enthusiast or a hydroponic gardener, make the smart choice for healthier aquatic life and more vibrant plants—choose Aqua One today!

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