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Aqua One

Aqua One Maxi Powerhead 104 - 2000L/Hr

Aqua One Maxi Powerhead 104 - 2000L/Hr

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Aqua One is a trusted name in the aquarium, fish, and horticultural industry for producing reliable and high-quality water equipment. Their Maxi 104 powerhead water pumps have a flow rate of 2000 litres per hour and a 2 meter head, which enables them to push water to a height of meters. These pumps come with variable flow control and are 100% submersible, making them an excellent choice for hydroponic systems. With a low power consumption of just 30 watts, they are quiet to run and energy-efficient.

Features of Aqua One Maxi 102 Powerhead Water Pump:

  • 19mm outlet size
  • Variable flow control
  • Quiet operation
  • 1.8 meter AU power cord
  • Low power consumption of 30 watts
  • 240V / 50Hz
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