Aqua One Maxi Powerhead 106 - 3000L/Hr

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Aqua One Maxi 106 Powerhead: Power and Efficiency in Water Movement

Experience the Excellence of Aqua One

Introducing the Aqua One Maxi 106 Powerhead, a pinnacle of reliability and quality in water circulation technology. Trusted in the aquarium, fish, and horticultural industries, Aqua One stands for durability and high performance. The Maxi 106 is no exception, offering unparalleled efficiency in water movement.

High-Performance Water Pump

  • Impressive Flow Rate: The Maxi 106 delivers a robust flow rate of 3000 litres per hour, capable of reaching a height of 3 meters. This powerful head ensures optimal water circulation in various setups.
  • Fully Submersible Design: Engineered for versatility, this 100% submersible powerhead excels in both aquatic and hydroponic environments, providing reliable and consistent water movement.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: With a low power consumption of just 80 watts, the Maxi 106 combines high efficiency with eco-friendliness. It's a cost-effective solution for continuous use.

User-Friendly Features:

  • Quiet Performance: Designed to operate quietly, the Maxi 106 minimizes noise, making it ideal for both home and professional settings.
  • Convenient Outlet Size: Featuring a 19 / 21mm outlet size, it offers flexibility and ease of integration with various systems.
  • Extended Power Cord: Equipped with a 1.8-meter AU power cord, it provides ample length for easy installation and placement.
  • Standard Voltage Compatibility: Operates on 240V / 50Hz, making it suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

Commitment to Quality

Aqua One's dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of the Maxi 106. It's not just a water pump; it's a testament to our commitment to provide the best in aquatic and hydroponic solutions.

Upgrade Your Water Circulation Today!

Elevate your aquatic or hydroponic system with the Aqua One Maxi 106 Powerhead. Experience the blend of power, efficiency, and quiet operation, all in one compact and reliable unit.

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