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AquaMaster Replaceable Electrode for Combo pH EC Pen P110 Pro

AquaMaster Replaceable Electrode for Combo pH EC Pen P110 Pro

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Introducing our replaceable pH, EC, and temperature electrode, specifically designed for seamless compatibility with the P110 Pro combo pen. Engineered to uphold the highest standards of durability and precision, this electrode maintains an IP67 waterproof rating when securely attached to the meter, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding environments.

Replacing the Electrode - A Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Start by Unscrewing: Carefully loosen the sealing ring located at the bottom part of your meter to access the electrode compartment.
  2. Remove the Old Electrode: Gently extract the old or damaged electrode from its position, taking care to avoid any force that might harm the meter's internals.
  3. Install the New Electrode: Align the new electrode meticulously, ensuring the recess is correctly positioned for a flawless connection with the meter's connectors. This step is crucial to prevent any potential damage to both the electrode and the meter.
  4. Seal it Securely: Verify the rubber seal is correctly placed to guarantee a watertight seal, then firmly re-tighten the sealing ring to secure the new electrode in place.
  5. Calibration is Key: Follow the calibration instructions detailed in the user manual or our instructional video to ensure your meter delivers accurate readings post electrode replacement.
  6. Ready for Action: With the new electrode installed and calibration complete, your meter is now prepared to resume its critical role in your measurements.

For a comprehensive understanding of the electrode replacement process, we encourage referencing the detailed instructions in our User Manual or viewing our helpful how-to video, designed to guide you through each step with clarity and ease.

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