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Aquamaster Tools pH Temp Meter Pro P50

Aquamaster Tools pH Temp Meter Pro P50

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Introducing the versatile P50 Pro pH & Temperature Meter, designed to provide precise and reliable pH and temperature readings for a variety of applications, including swimming pools, jacuzzis, ponds, and liquid plant nutrients. One of the standout features of the P50 Pro is its replaceable pH electrode, ensuring long-term durability and performance. This means that should the electrode ever wear out or become damaged, it can be easily replaced, extending the life of your meter and maintaining its accuracy. The meter's user-friendly interface allows for seamless switching between pH and temperature measurements, with each unit arriving fully calibrated and ready to use, batteries included.

Getting Started with Your P50 Pro Meter:

  1. Preparation: Immerse the pH meter in tap water for 12 hours prior to first use, to properly condition the electrode.
  2. Ready the Meter: After removing the protective cap, rinse the electrode with distilled water and dry it.
  3. Activation: Power up the meter by pressing the On/Off button.
  4. Measurement: Dip the meter upright into the solution to the indicated line, stirring gently. Pause briefly to let the display show a stable reading.
  5. Temperature Selection: Easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit with the C/F button to suit your preferences.
  6. Maintenance: Clean the electrode with water after use and switch off the meter by pressing the On/Off button.

The P50 Pro is your go-to tool for ensuring optimal water conditions, with the added assurance of a replaceable pH electrode for sustained precision and usability.

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