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ARS Floral Scissors Black

ARS Floral Scissors Black

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Experience the perfect fusion of traditional ikebana aesthetics and contemporary ergonomic design with ARS Corporation's Floral Scissors. Masterfully created in Japan, these elegant, black floral scissors provide unparalleled sharpness and functionality, meeting the high standards of both professional gardeners and horticulture enthusiasts.

Unmatched Precision These exceptional Japanese scissors are ideally suited for flower cutting, but their versatility extends beyond that. For those unexpected ventures into pruning woody stems, our scissors ensure effortless and neat cuts each time, maintaining your control.

Supreme Cutting Performance Featuring 41mm fluorine-coated high-carbon steel blades, these scissors deliver top-tier cutting performance. This unique combination of materials guarantees durability, enduring sharpness, and remarkable resistance to corrosion.

User-friendly Design With a weight of just 140g, the FP-17-BK model is designed keeping your comfort as a priority. The ergonomic soft-grip handles facilitate extended use, enabling you to craft your floral masterpieces without experiencing fatigue.

Experience the unrivalled quality of ARS Corporation's Floral Scissors. They are not merely a tool – they embody tradition, advanced technology, and the epitome of superior Japanese craftsmanship. Order your pair today and infuse your gardening toolkit with a touch of elegance.

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