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BAC Flush

BAC Flush

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BAC Flush: The Ideal Solution to Clean and Rejuvenate Your Substrate & Root Zone

Boost your plants' growth with BAC Flush, an organic, vegan substrate conditioner designed to promote a healthy root zone free from harmful waste salts and mineral buildup. Originally called 'Weekly Scirup,' BAC Flush encourages rapid fermentation and conversion of waste around the root hairs by activating specific groups of microorganisms, producing high-quality, absorbable enzymes. These enzymes bind and remove waste found in tap water, such as Chlorine (Cl) and Natrium (Na), enhancing your plants' absorption potential.

Features and Benefits

  • Clean & Healthy Root Zone: BAC Flush effectively removes waste salts and mineral buildup, promoting a conducive environment for optimal plant growth.
  • Organic & Vegan: With eco-conscious values, BAC Flush is made from safe and natural ingredients.
  • Re-usable Substrate: Prepare your substrate for re-use, saving time and resources while maintaining a healthy growing medium.
  • Enzyme Replacement: The use of additional enzymes is not needed with this powerful organic solution.
  • Flexible Application: Suitable for use during both the veg/grow & bloom/flower stages of plant development.
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