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BAC Organic Bloom Nutrients 1L

BAC Organic Bloom Nutrients 1L

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Experience Soil Harmony and Unmatched Flowering with BAC Organic Bloom: The Gold Standard in Organic Nutrition

Unlock the full potential of your soil ecosystem with BAC Organic Bloom, specifically engineered to stimulate vibrant soil microbiology. Witness an uptick in microbial activity, optimal flower placement, and flourishing flower development.

Boost Microbial Ecosystem for Direct Nutrient Absorption: BAC Organic Bloom not only nurtures but also feeds the beneficial micro-organisms in your substrate, making essential elements instantly available to your plants. Plus, these micro-organisms facilitate more oxygen binding in your nutrient solution for better plant health.

Holistic Plant Protection with BAC Daily: When paired with BAC Daily, BAC Organic Bloom offers a powerful shield against common plant diseases like Pythium and Fusarium, as well as pests like thrips and spider mites. It also mitigates the risks associated with environmental control errors, ensuring a healthier crop.

Soil Association-Approved Ingredients for Organic Excellence: Formulated with components that meet the high standards of the Soil Association, BAC Organic Bloom also includes Yucca. This natural dissolving agent boosts soil penetration and ensures balanced water management in both soil and coco coir substrates.

Unlock Superior Flavor, Aroma, and Quality: With BAC Organic Bloom, the end result is not just prolific flowering but also an enhancement in the flavor, aroma, and overall quality of your blooms.

Revitalize your soil and enjoy remarkable flowering results—choose BAC Organic Bloom for your gardening needs!

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