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BAC Final Solution Soil Conditioner

BAC Final Solution Soil Conditioner

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Elevate Plant Growth and Soil Quality with Final Solution: The Ultimate Enzyme Accelerator for Your Garden

Accelerate your garden's waste fermentation process effectively with Final Solution. Specifically formulated to stimulate microorganisms near the root and root hairs, this product jump-starts the production of enzymes that neutralize waste substances like chlorine (Cl) and sodium (Na), commonly found in tap water.

Optimize EC Measurements for Robust Growth: Benefit from more accurate Electrical Conductivity (EC) measurements right at your plant's root zone. This facilitates the efficient uptake of beneficial elements from products like BAC PK Booster, setting the stage for optimal growth.

Enhanced Quality of Growing Medium: Final Solution significantly improves the quality of your growing medium, ensuring that your plants have a healthy environment for unparalleled growth.

Important Safety Note: Final Solution is packed with specialized enzymes and should not be combined with other enzyme-containing products.

Dosage Instructions:

  • Pre-Planting Treatment: For best results, either spray or irrigate the substrate one day before introducing new plants.

  • Final Week of Flowering: Repeat the application during the last week of the flowering stage to maximize results.

  • Dosage for Soil or Coco Coir: Apply 60ml per 1000 liters of soil.

  • Irrigation Dosage: Use 6ml per 10 liters of water.

Experience a new dimension in plant care and soil management with Final Solution.

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