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Japanese Banshu Grip Scissors

Japanese Banshu Grip Scissors

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Experience the tradition and expertise of Banshu craftsmanship with our uniquely designed grip scissors. Painstakingly created by skilled artisans from the famous Banshu region in Japan, these scissors are an embodiment of their mastery. The distinctive shape ensures a comfortable grip, making them perfect for detailed tasks and snipping threads in challenging-to-reach areas.

Setting them apart from other scissors, our Banshu grip scissors have a simple structure that simplifies the sharpening process. Crafting such scissors manually from a single iron rod is a rare skill, possessed by seasoned Banshu artisans in their 70s. They use premium high-carbon steel, known as Aohagane (blue steel), famed for its superior strength and durability, guaranteeing these scissors' long-lasting performance.

To maintain optimum performance and longevity, we advise using these scissors exclusively for fabric cutting. Refrain from cutting paper to retain their sharpness. It's essential to remember that these scissors are incredibly sharp, so handle them with caution and keep them safely out of children's reach.

Elegantly finished with a sleek black oxide coating, our Banshu grip scissors are proudly crafted in Japan. Experience the exceptional quality, precision, and longevity only achievable through Banshu craftsmanship.

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