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Barbed Tap Inline Water Valve

Barbed Tap Inline Water Valve

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High-Quality Barbed Tap InLine Water Valve for Efficient Irrigation

Experience a seamless and effective irrigation experience with our top-notch barbed tap InLine water valves. Designed for low pressure irrigation systems, these polypropylene water valves ensure optimum control, dispersion, slowing, and diverting of water flow. Ideal for hydroponics, aquaponics, and home gardens, these valves are compatible with low-pressure poly tubing and offer a complete seal for superior performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple on-off operation: Straightforward usage with a ball-type mechanism for easy water flow control
  • High operating pressure range: Can handle pressure up to 300 kPa for versatile irrigation options
  • Tapered entry: All barbed fittings have a tapered entry for effortless installation
  • UV-stabilised materials: Constructed with durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions for an extended life span
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