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Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel Living Soil 30L

Bio Diesel Living Soil 30L

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Unlock the Potential of Your Garden with Bio Diesel Living Soil from Green Genius!

Green Genius proudly presents Bio Diesel Living Soil, a gardening marvel infused with a high concentration of organic matter and a thriving community of beneficial microorganisms. Dive into the world of natural gardening, where we enhance your garden's overall productivity, nutrient capacity, and the efficient delivery of vital elements such as nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Simultaneously, we work diligently to eliminate harmful components from your soil.

Adaptive Soil Chemistry and Speedy Mineral Breakdown

Our Bio Diesel Living Soil is more than just a growing medium; it's a dynamic ecosystem. It adapts effortlessly to shifts in soil acidity, providing your plants with a stable and nurturing environment to flourish. Moreover, it accelerates the breakdown of soil minerals, enriching your garden's nutrient profile.

100% Organic Inputs and Smart Aeration Techniques

At Green Genius, we are steadfast in our commitment to organic gardening. Bio Diesel Living Soil comprises 100% organic inputs, ensuring a natural and sustainable approach to your gardening needs. We've also incorporated ingenious aeration techniques, simplifying irrigation and allowing for frequent feeding without the usual concern of overwatering.

Versatile Gardening Options

Whether you prefer the simplicity of 'water-only' growth or seek guidance from our Organic Living Soil Gardener's Guide, Bio Diesel Living Soil is adaptable to suit your gardening style.

How Does It Work: Nurturing Plant Growth

Green Genius understands the science behind it all. Our Bio Diesel's organic plant additives orchestrate a symphony of plant growth by:

  • Enhancing the synergy between plants and microorganisms.
  • Providing top-quality exudates and microbial signaling.
  • Stimulating vital hormone responses, expediting nutrient selection, organic chelation, and natural nutrient uptake - all finely tuned to your plant's unique needs. This stands in stark contrast to chemically chelated nutrients that often force-feed plants unnecessarily.

Expanded pH Range Tolerance

Throughout the growing season, Bio Diesel Living Soil equips your plants to withstand a broader pH range. This is made possible by improved communication and cooperation between microorganisms and the rhizosphere.

Perfect for Every Gardening Stage

Our Grow Guide offers a comprehensive 10-week vegetative cycle and a 10-week bloom cycle, meticulously tailored to cater to the complete outdoor plant growth cycle. Moreover, many houseplants and autoflowers thrive with a bit less soil and a shorter vegetative period.

Maximize Your Results with Green Genius

For the ultimate gardening success, pair Bio Diesel Living Soil with our complete Green Genius product range. Refer to our Grow Sheet for expert tips and recommendations.

Unveil the Treasures Inside Bio Diesel Living Soil

Our living soil is a treasure trove of essential components, including:

  • Bacillus Subtilis
  • Mycorrhizae
  • Azospirillium
  • Trichoderma
  • LAB (Lactic Acid Bacteria)
  • Pecan and Walnut Shell Activated Bio Char
  • Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Paramagnetic Rock Dusts
  • Malted Barley
  • Neem Meal
  • Kelp Meal
  • Humic and Fulvic Acid
  • Compost
  • Perlite
  • Lava Rock
  • Yucca Extract
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Worm Castings
  • Agricultural Lime (Ag Lime)
  • Gypsum

Green Genius invites you to harness the immense potential of your garden with Bio Diesel Living Soil. Experience the transformative power of nature in your gardening journey today!

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