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Bio Green Garlic Eco Protector 1L

Bio Green Garlic Eco Protector 1L

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Shield Your Plants from Pests and Fungal Attacks with Bio Green Garlic 1L—Your Organic First Line of Defense! Are you seeking a natural, highly effective solution to guard your plants against pests and fungi? Introducing Bio Green Garlic 1L, an allicin-rich, organic sulfur formula crafted to act as your plants' ultimate protection.

Why Choose Bio Green Garlic 1L:

  • Dual-Step Extraction: Our meticulous two-step production process starts with fermenting freshly cut garlic and ginger bulbs in oxygen-free tanks for several months, followed by a-polar extraction. This ensures a higher concentration of active ingredients and prevents quality degradation from air oxidation.

  • High Allicin Content: Boasting an impressive 15,000-28,000 ppm allicin, Bio Green Garlic 1L is highly concentrated, making it perfect for preventive measures, targeted treatments, and foliar applications.

  • Taste and Smell-Free: Unlike other garlic-based products, our formula leaves no residual garlic taste or smell on your crops, ensuring their original quality remains uncompromised.

  • Eco-Friendly: Bio Green Garlic is fully absorbed by the plant, leaving zero residues in the soil, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Key Features:

  • Dual-step Production Process
  • 15,000-28,000 ppm Allicin
  • Suitable for Prevention, Treatment, and Foliar Applications
  • No Residue Left in Soil

Unmatched Plant Protection: Say goodbye to harmful pests and fungi that compromise your plants' health. Trust Bio Green Garlic 1L to offer robust, natural, and effective defense for your garden. Experience the difference of a genuinely protected growing environment today!

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