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Black 19mm Flexible Water Tubing 30m

Black 19mm Flexible Water Tubing 30m

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Black 19mm Flexible Water Tubing: Perfect for Various Water Applications

Our Black 19mm Flexible Water Tubing is designed for a wide range of applications, including hydroponic, aquaponic, irrigation, pond, and waterfall systems. Made from high-quality PVC, this tubing is easy to use and can be connected effortlessly to barbed irrigation fittings. Although not UV resistant, it is an excellent solution for your gardening and water system needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide Application Use: Ideal for hydroponic, aquaponic, irrigation, pond, and waterfall projects.
  • Easy to Connect: Designed for secure and hassle-free connection to barbed irrigation fittings.
  • Flexible PVC Material: Durably constructed from high-quality PVC for superior functionality.
  • 19mm Sizing: Suitable thickness for easy handling and optimal water flow while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Black Colour: Provides a discreet appearance when submerged in water, ensuring minimal visual impact on your installation.

How to Use

  1. Carefully plan and measure the length of tubing required for your project.
  2. Cut the tubing to the desired length using a sharp pair of scissors or a PVC cutter.
  3. Connect the tubing to the appropriate barbed fittings or connectors required for your system.
  4. Secure the tubing in place using cable ties, clamps, or other fastening methods as required.
  5. Test your water system to ensure proper function and address any leaks or issues if necessary.
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