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Black Strawberry Cup

Black Strawberry Cup

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Strawberry Hydroponic Net Pots for Optimal Plant Growth

Designed specifically for growing strawberries and similar sized plants, these hydroponic net pots are perfect for holding grow media and promoting healthy plant development in various hydroponic systems. Made from safe and durable materials, these pots are a staple for any passionate gardener.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile use for different hydroponic systems: Compatible with NFT channels, Deep Water Culture, top feeding systems, aquaponics, and flood and drain systems.
  • Optimal volume of 150ml per net pot: Ample space for Clay Pebbles or Perlite, ensuring proper plant growth.
  • Safe and durable material: Made from polypropylene (PP) or plastic number 5, BPA free, and considered safe for Hydroponics and Aquaponics.
  • Widely used in horticulture and food production: Trusted by professionals for exceptional plant growth.
  • Specially designed for strawberries: Sized at 70 x 80mm, perfect for growing healthy and delicious strawberry plants.

How to Use

  1. Select the appropriate hydroponic system for the type of plant you are growing.
  2. Place the net pot into the designated collar or holesaw size of 69mm.
  3. Fill the net pot with your chosen grow media, such as Clay Pebbles or Perlite, up to the 150ml capacity.
  4. Plant your strawberry plant or similar sized plant into the grow media within the net pot.
  5. Monitor and maintain proper environmental factors (nutrient levels, water, light) for optimal plant growth and desired yield.
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