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Bluelab Guardian Monitor

Bluelab Guardian Monitor

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Transform your gardening experience with the Bluelab Guardian, Australian growers premier solution for precision monitoring of your plants' vital signs. Engineered to keep a vigilant eye on EC (Electrical Conductivity, PPM, TDS, CF), pH, and temperature, the Bluelab Guardian is an essential tool for any avid gardener, especially those into hydroponics and living soil cultivation.

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor is designed for ease and accuracy:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Operates 24/7, ensuring your plants are always in their ideal environment.
  • User-Friendly Installation: Wall-mounted and mains-powered, with probes effortlessly placed into the reservoir.
  • Customisable Alerts: Set high and low alarms to stay informed when your plants need your attention.

Key Features:

  • Plant-Safe Green LEDs: Non-disruptive to plant growth.
  • Clear, Large Displays: Effortlessly read measurements at a glance.
  • No Calibration Needed: Conductivity and temperature readings are hassle-free.
  • Easy pH Calibration: With a simple push-button interface.
  • Flexible Readings: Choose your preferred units for conductivity and temperature.
  • Responsive Alarms: Flashing alerts for immediate adjustment notifications.
  • RF Interference Resistance: Reliable readings despite electronic disturbances.
  • Durable, Water-Resistant Design: Built to withstand garden environments.
  • Universal Power Supply: Ready for use anywhere, included with purchase.
  • High-Quality pH Probe: Replaceable double junction design for long-term accuracy.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Customize the display to suit your viewing needs.
  • Memory Retention: Settings are preserved even during power outages.

Elevate your gardening with the Bluelab Guardian – the smart choice for gardeners who demand precision and reliability for their growing environments. Shop now and take the first step towards smarter, more effective garden management.

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