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Canna Bio Boost

Canna Bio Boost

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Bio Boost 1L
Bio boost 250ml

Supercharge Yields and Amplify Flavors with BioBOOST — The Natural Bloom-Enhancing Tonic for All Cultivation Systems

Meta Description: Experience the transformative power of BioBOOST, a tropical plant extract that stimulates bloom, ramps up plant metabolism, and enhances yield, plant health, and flavor.

BioBOOST is more than just a tonic; it's a revolutionary bloom-enhancer that complements all cultivation systems and CANNA nutrients. It's not a nutrient but a naturally fermented plant extract enriched with bioactive substances that take your plants' bloom phase to the next level.

Derived from Tropical Rainforest Plant Extracts
Sourced from the biodiversity of tropical rainforests, BioBOOST is an all-natural elixir that gives your plants a significant boost. Its bioactive components kickstart the plant metabolism during the fruiting and flowering stages, delivering not just larger yields but also healthier, more resilient plants.

Enhanced Resistance Against Pests and Diseases
The heightened metabolism makes your plants more robust, reducing their susceptibility to pests and diseases. This ensures a bountiful harvest of stronger, healthier produce.

Unlock Exceptional Flavor and Scent
Research by CANNA confirms that pairing BioBOOST with BIOCANNA products significantly increases the concentration of essential oils that define the flavor and aroma of your harvested plants. Expect an enhanced sensory experience with every harvest.

Maximized Fructification and Fructose Content
BioBOOST stimulates strong fructification, elevating the fructose levels in your produce. The result is a richer, sweeter, and more flavorsome yield.

Level up your gardening game with BioBOOST and unlock the full potential of your plants — from enhanced yield and resilience to superior flavor and aroma. Experience BioBOOST today!

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