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Canna Coco Professional Plus 50L Bag

Canna Coco Professional Plus 50L Bag

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Canna Coco Professional Plus 50L Bags: Premium Grade Coco Coir for Your Plants

Experience the benefits of Canna Coco Professional Plus - a superior quality coco coir growing medium, specially designed for optimal plant growth in various applications. This 100% coco coir medium, also known as Coco Peat, is produced from coir fibre pith, a by-product of the coconut industry in India. Rigorously following strict quality control processes, Canna Coco Professional Plus is not only washed and buffered but also free from pests and harmful soil diseases. Its excellent water and air system creates an ideal environment for plants, ensuring rapid growth from the start of cultivation.

Features and Benefits

  • Pure, organic product: Canna Coco Professional Plus boasts a homogeneous structure and full buffering, eliminating potential side effects of coir on nutrient consumption.
  • Free from harmful elements: A unique production process ensures the medium is devoid of dangerous viruses and soil diseases.
  • Optimal water/air system: The complex water/air system within the coir provides perfect conditions for healthy plant growth.
  • Special Trichoderma protection: The presence of Trichoderma mold defends plants against soil diseases.
  • Reusable medium with multiple applications: Canna Coco coir can be used repeatedly and serves as an excellent potting mix improver after its primary use.

How to Use

  1. Before filling the pot, loosen the Canna Coco Professional Plus.
  2. Fill the pot loosely with Coco and add the plant, maintaining a 2.5 cm (1-inch) gap between the soil level and the top of the pot for water absorption.
  3. Gently tap the pot on the ground to settle the Coco and remove air pockets around the roots, but avoid packing it down too firmly.
  4. Add pH 5.8 water until some drainage occurs, possibly with Canna Rhizotonic or another Root Enhancer to promote root growth.
  5. Water the medium with a nutrient solution once it starts drying. Use a suitable fertiliser, such as Canna Coco A & B, specifically designed for Coco substrates.
  6. Opt for pots with a minimum volume of 5 litres to maintain a stable root environment.
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