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Chikamasa Trimming Scissors

Chikamasa Trimming Scissors

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Experience unmatched precision and efficiency in your viticulture practices with our Chikamasa B-500SF grape thinning shears. Expertly crafted in Japan, these viticulture shears are the epitome of superior functionality, blending high-tech innovation and thoughtful design for an unparalleled grape thinning experience.

High-Quality Material and Design The Chikamasa B-500SF shears are constructed from premium stainless steel, outfitted with a distinctive fluorine coating on the blade. This innovative feature prevents resin from adhering to the blades, promoting enduring sharpness and efficient cutting. The soft and durable elastomer handles promise a comfortable grip, making these shears ideal for extended use during grape thinning.

Precision Straight Point Blade Type Our grape thinning shears feature a straight-point blade design for the ultimate precision in every cut. Navigate through grape clusters effortlessly, thanks to this perfect blend of design and functionality. Experience clean and efficient cuts every time, reducing your grape thinning workload.

Product Specifications The lightweight design of our B-500SF shears, weighing just 42g, ensures comfort and control, reducing fatigue and boosting productivity in the vineyard. With an overall length of 155mm and a blade length of 35mm, these shears are practical and manageable for any viticulturist.

Elevate your grape thinning process with the Chikamasa B-500SF shears. Made in Japan with meticulous attention to detail, these shears are more than a tool - they're a testament to the excellence and precision of Japanese craftsmanship. Explore this pinnacle of viticultural excellence today and take your grape thinning to the next level

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