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Chikamasa Pruning Shears T-550

Chikamasa Pruning Shears T-550

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Introducing Chikamasa T-550 pruning shears - a hallmark of Japanese craftsmanship and a best-seller in Japan. These top-quality pruning shears strike the perfect balance between toughness, lightness, and workability, elevating your gardening experience.

High-Quality Carbon Steel Blade Each blade of our T-550 pruning shears is crafted from high-grade carbon steel, undergone a special heat treatment to attain superior sharpness and the ideal cutting edge angle. This precise design ensures a clean, efficient cut every time, boosting your gardening efficiency.

Non-Slip Stylish Handles Our pruning shears boast stylishly designed handles made from steel plates and coated with a non-slip material. A unique patented feature includes a ring attached to one of the handles, allowing easy attachment or removal from the opposite handle.

Innovative Round Blade Back Chikamasa's T-550 pruning shears feature an innovative round blade back, ensuring you can work without damaging flowers and fruits close to your cutting targets. This thoughtful design preserves the beauty and health of your plants during pruning.

Friction-Resistant Pivot and Flexible Spring Experience smooth cutting and robust durability, thanks to our friction-resistant pivot that prevents looseness and rattling. Additionally, our spring design on the handles offers flexible control without disconnection, ensuring a seamless gardening session.

Use these pruning shears specifically for their gardening purpose to maintain sharpness. Avoid using them to cut thick branches or tough objects to prevent blade deterioration. Discover the difference Chikamasa's T-550 pruning shears make in your garden today.

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