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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Cloudforge T7 Plant Humidifier 15L

AC Infinity Cloudforge T7 Plant Humidifier 15L

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Revolutionize your plant growth with AC Infinity's state-of-the-art humidifier, meticulously designed with intelligent controls and precise vapors. Achieve the optimal humidity levels for your plants with ease.

Introducing the next-generation EC ultrasonic vaporizer, capable of reaching up to 10 levels of humidity. Fine-tune the moisture control in your grow space like never before. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of interchangeable nozzle heads for targeted or wide area moisture distribution.

Experience ultimate convenience with smart humidity and timer programming, a discreet hideable backlit display, and an auto-start feature with backup memory. Seamlessly connect the humidifier to UIS controllers for dynamic climate triggers, customizable grow cycles, scheduling capabilities, alerts, and convenient app control.

Unleash the power of next-gen humidifier designed to provide your plants with the perfect environment. The innovative EC ultrasonic vaporizer employs digital pulses to offer up to 10 levels of moisture output, granting you precise control over the moisture levels in your grow space. The onboard controller boasts intelligent humidity and timer programming, complemented by a corded precision humidity sensor for quick and accurate readings. The digital display provides real-time humidity updates and can be easily hidden. Enjoy peace of mind with the built-in automatic shutoff, safeguarding the system when the water reservoir runs dry. This product includes a 15L water tank, piping, and interchangeable nozzles for versatile moisture distribution—whether you require targeted concentration or broad coverage. It seamlessly integrates into the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, offering a comprehensive solution for your ideal environment.

Smart Humidity Control: This environmental humidifier features an onboard controller equipped with smart humidity and timer programming. Digitally set four levels of moisture output, or expand your control to 10 levels when paired with a UIS controller. The included corded sensor probe ensures swift response to any climate changes. Connect to UIS controllers to integrate with other grow equipment, accessing dynamic climate triggers, customizable grow cycles, and schedules. Take full control by connecting to the app, granting you remote device management, advanced automations, alerts, climate charts, CSV data export, and more!

Designed for Growers: Every aspect of this series is meticulously crafted to optimize your grow space. It includes an elbow nozzle for high-volume moisture distribution in a specific direction, as well as a five-way nozzle for comprehensive coverage in all directions. The backlit display can be easily turned off while the humidifier is in operation, preventing any disruption to your plant's light cycle.

Ready to Use: This humidifier comes with an Australian power cord, ready to connect and use with the AC Infinity Controller or as a standalone device.

Please note that this model requires the AC Infinity UIS Control plug to connect with the AC Infinity controller directly.

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