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AC Infinity

AC Infinity Cloudline T Series Inline Fans

AC Infinity Cloudline T Series Inline Fans

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Discover the Future of Ventilation: Cloudline T Series Inline Fans with Controller 69 Pro

Quiet, Efficient, and Smart: The All-in-One Ventilation Solution

Welcome to a new era of ventilation technology designed specifically for hydroponic grow rooms, AV closets, and various air circulation needs. AC Infinity Smart Inline Duct Fan seamlessly combines an inline mixed-flow design with an energy-efficient EC-motor, controlled by PWM for quiet and optimized performance. And here's the kicker: it's integrated with UIS™, a cutting-edge platform for smart grow devices and controllers.

Easy to Maintain and Install

Say goodbye to cumbersome cleaning and maintenance processes. The motor box containing the fan's blades and impeller detaches effortlessly from the mounted frame. This complete kit comes with everything you need for hassle-free installation: one duct fan unit, one thermal controller, one corded thermal probe, two duct clamps, and an installation manual.

Introducing the Controller 69 Pro: A New Standard in Climate Control

Upgrade to intelligent climate management with Controller 69 Pro. This digital marvel controls up to four UIS devices, including popular series like CLOUDLINE, CLOUDRAY, and IONBOARD. And it doesn't stop there—thanks to select adapters, it can even sync with your favorite non-UIS grow lights and outlet devices.

Advanced Programming Capabilities

  • Dynamic Climate Control: Beyond basic temperature and humidity triggers, set dynamic fan speeds that adapt to environmental changes.
  • Customizable Operating Modes: Choose from timer, cycle, and schedule modes for on-demand activation tailored to your needs.
  • Minimal Run Speed: Set a minimum speed for constant operation, boosting only when specific triggers are met.

Take Control with the AC Infinity App

Unlock your fan's full potential by pairing it with our AC Infinity App via Bluetooth or WiFi. Access advanced programs, set alarms, receive notifications, and view historical climate data all at your fingertips.

Why Choose Our Smart Inline Duct Fan?

  • Multi-Device Connectivity: Link up to four UIS devices for a seamlessly integrated grow room environment.
  • Intelligent Automation: Automate device adjustments for speed and brightness based on temperature, humidity, and VPD.
  • Advanced Programming: Features grow cycles, custom transitions, scheduling, timers, and minimum operational levels.

Discover the future of intelligent ventilation and climate control. Make the switch to our Cloudline T Series Inline Fan with Controller 69 Pro, and elevate your growing environment to the next level.

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