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Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel Coco Propagation Plugs - 38mm - 100 Pack

Bio Diesel Coco Propagation Plugs - 38mm - 100 Pack

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Elevate your gardening and horticultural endeavours with our premium organic coco plugs, specially designed to cater to the needs of seedlings and cuttings. These coco plugs are a testament to modern cultivation practices, offering a meticulously crafted solution to promote robust root development and ensure the early establishment of your precious plants.

What sets our organic coco plugs apart is their unique composition. Each plug is infused with a pH buffered starter solution, meticulously formulated to create the ideal balance of nutrients and acidity for your young plants. This not only jumpstarts their growth but also sets the stage for a thriving, healthy garden or nursery.

One of the key benefits of choosing our coco plugs is their impeccable air-to-water ratio. We understand the vital role this balance plays in nurturing your plants, and our plugs are engineered to maintain it flawlessly. This means your seedlings and cuttings receive the oxygen and moisture they need in perfect harmony, resulting in accelerated root growth and quicker establishment.

A crucial aspect of our coco plugs is their eco-friendliness. Unlike Rockwool, which can be less environmentally friendly, our plugs are sustainable and gentle on the planet. We believe in responsible cultivation practices, and our coco plugs reflect that commitment.

Compatibility is another feather in our cap. You can seamlessly integrate our coco plugs into your gardening routine, as they work harmoniously with all rooting gels and powders. This versatility ensures that you have the freedom to choose the products you prefer while benefiting from the exceptional performance of our coco plugs.

At Bio Diesel, we take pride in our partnership with Simply Organics Spain, a globally recognized leader in organic coco fibre production. Since 2003, they have been dedicated to providing professional grade growing mediums, and their commitment to quality aligns perfectly with ours.

Our coco plugs are sourced from Simply Organics' production facilities in India, strategically located far from the coast. This geographical advantage ensures that the coco plugs have low EC (Electrical Conductivity) levels and are meticulously washed with freshwater. This process preserves the natural Trichoderma, a beneficial fungus that promotes healthy root development.

Furthermore, our coco products exceed the old Dutch RHP certification, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry. We proudly back our products with the highly respected KO GUARANTEE, assuring you that they are free from salts and meet the highest sustainability and eco-friendly standards.

To top it all off, our coco plugs undergo a "Double washed" process and are primed with a special Calcium and Magnesium buffer. This ensures that your plants get off to the perfect start, with the essential nutrients they need for robust growth.

With Bio Diesel Coco, your gardening and horticultural efforts are powered by innovation, sustainability, and a deep commitment to the well-being of your plants and the environment. Experience the difference that our organic coco plugs can make in your gardening journey.

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